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Competitive Starting Pay

We offer competitive salaries to all our qualified employees. We also provide opportunities for commissions as well as a draw system with unlimited income potential.

Advancement Opportunties

All employees can benefit from continuing education on industry & manufacturer procedures earning professional certifications. These benefits allow employees to advance their careers faster and grow their role within Schulte Roofing.


We are proud of the benefits we offer to our employees. We want them happy and healthy so they can have long and rewarding careers. So we provide vacation time, sick leave, company phones, fuel stipends, advertising stipends, and health plan.

Our employees are an important building block to our success.

We want them to have the opportunities they need to provide their best work and continue to grow in their fields. This is why we’re proud to offer increased education and elevated job opportunities.

We invest in education, training, and special certification programs to help ensure their future growth. This allows for higher income potential and more rewarding careers. It also results in superior work that our employees and customers can be proud of.

I originally started as a residential roofing specialist. Thanks to David's encouragement and push, I'm now a project manager for some of Texas' largest projects.
Mark Jarrah - Schulte Roofing
Mark Jarrah
Shulte staff have numerous channels to grow in and learning/training opportunities are a regular occurrence. I have watched several people move forward in their career in both job positions and pay grades. At the same time a balance of career and family life is promoted. Love the people and company atmosphere.
Scott Stinchfield - Schulte Roofing
Scott Stinchfield
I was fortunate enough to start with Schulte Roofing and take what I learned to a new firm. When I reached my maximum potential there, Schulte Roofing allowed me to come back to the company with a promotion.
Aaron Crawford - Schulte Roofing
Aaron Crawford

Health Plan

Rest easy with a  health plan that covers 80% of employee health care costs.

Continuing Education

Receive contining education, training, and certification programs that sharpen your skills and help you advance.

Sick Leave & Vacation Time

Every team member has (5) sick days that are paid and can also be used as personal days.

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Company Events

Enjoy expenses-paid company events like hunting, fishing, and skeet shooting. Bring your family to our family and community events throughout the year.


Advertising and fuel stipends available for select team members. Some team members also receive company phones and tablets with paid data plans.

Proud Veteran Supporter

After all you’ve done for us, let us do something for you. We actively recruit veterans and encourage them to apply for our positions.

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