Why Schulte Roofing®


At Schulte Roofing, we are committed to excellence in all we do. This is our promise to ourselves, our communities, and our employees.

What does this commitment mean? It means providing roofing installations that exceed manufacturer specifications. It means providing competitive pricing for our customers while not sacrificing our commitment to excellence work. And it means creating a solid and dependable business structure to ensure growth and stability for our employees.

Our employees are an important building block to our success. We want them to have the opportunities they need to provide their best work and continue to grow in their fields. This is why we’re proud to offer increased education and elevated job opportunities. We invest in education and training and offer special certification programs to help ensure their future growth. This allows for higher income potential and more rewarding careers. It also results in superior quality work that our employees and customers can be proud of.


The Benefits

We are proud of the benefits we offer to our employees. We want them happy and healthy so they can have long and rewarding careers. Some benefits include:

  • Vacation time
  • Sick leave
  • Company phones
  • Fuel stipends
  • Advertising
  • Paid company
    events like hunting, fishing, and skeet shooting
  • A health plan
    that fully covers the majority of healthcare costs
  • Continued
    education, training, and certification programs

Competitive Starting Pay

We offer competitive salaries to all our qualified employees. We also provide opportunities for commissions as well as a draw system with unlimited income potential.

Move Up

All employees can benefit from ongoing education in industry and manufacturer procedures and can receive manufacturer certifications. These benefits allow employees to advance their careers more easily and increase their title within Schulte Roofing.

Hammer & Nails

“As you see, it takes more than just a guy and some materials to do a roofing job and see it through to completion. Truth is, it takes an entire team to do it. Have you thought about a career in roofing? It’s more than just a hammer and nails.


David Schulte

Are You a Veteran? We Want You!

After all you’ve done for us, let us do something for you. We actively recruit veterans and encourage them to apply for our positions.

Making Time for Fun

With all the hard work we do, we deserve to have some fun. Throughout the year, we enjoy bringing together our employees, friends, and families for events such as fishing trips, hunting excursions, Christmas parties, and special events like our annual skeet shoot!