Full Time Navasota, Texas Schulte Roofing

Answers to the Senior Superintendent. This job requires managing specific job sites you are assigned to and will be responsible for. This person is responsible for Safety, Quality and Productivity of their specific job site. This person must well organized, self motivated, with the ability to lead and command others. Must be able to adapt quickly to changing environments and situations. Must promote and demand company policy and procedures be followed with an enthusiastic attitude.

Responsibilities / Requirements

Include but are not limited to:

  1. Minimum 8 years experience in roofing construction with at least 3 years of being at foreman level or at least 5 years of roofing experience as a foreman.
  2. Directly responsible for the oversight, control, and direction of all QC, QC personnel, foremen, job installation quality and productivity at their specific job sites.
  3. The completion of all paperwork required for jobs in progress including job hazard analysis forms and reports.
  4. Conducting weekly safety and employee/sub meetings on job sites.
  5. To keep an ongoing and continual knowledge of industry standards, changes, terminology, proper installation procedures, products, safety, etc. Along with mandatory weekly meetings, this company, at times, will schedule continuing education events outside the company and you are required to attend.
  6. Troubleshooting and/or resolving issues related to or pointed towards any of this company’s work or work performance at their specific job sites.
  7. Respond to all company emails in a timely fashion (24 hours or next business day).
  8. Must be trustworthy and able to work for long periods unsupervised; self motivated.
  9. Represent Schulte Roofing in a professional manner at all times in actions and words.
  10. Additional attributes are, but not limited to; honesty, integrity, person of character, and energetic.
  11. Must have a sincere desire to provide customers with the utmost quality and long term success.


  1. Vacation; eligible for 1 week at 1-year anniversary of job employment and 2 weeks at each year thereafter.
  2. Paid Holiday’s include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  3. 5 sick days per calendar year – sick days will not accrue and a doctor’s note is required before any days are paid.
  4. 80% of health care coverage for employee.
  5. Company phone and ipad
  6. Company Truck


$57,200-$75,000 plus additional bonuses, incentives, and company trips as earned or available

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