Quality Control & Safety Supervisor

Full Time Navasota, Texas Schulte Roofing


Include but are not limited to:

  1. Inspection of all jobs to validate they are being installed correctly to meet mfr specifications or that they exceed mfr specifications. We would like each roof job to have a minimum of two inspections; one during and one on completion. Repairs would require one inspection only and can be done using random selection.
  2. Photos are to be taken of all jobs, including repairs. Pictures to include ground level and roof top photos. Pictures to include close up and detail oriented items such as fastener placement, metal eave joints, and flashing details at skylites, chimneys, walls and curbs. Pictures to also include photos of crew, equipment, site condition, and safety issues.
  3. Photos are to be uploaded each day into company CRM program (Job Progress).
  4. Written reports to be filled out on each inspection and uploaded or documented in company CRM (Job Progress).
  5. Any deficiencies found on inspection can be corrected by crew on site. If crew is not present, you can make minor adjustments to move the item in question into an acceptable status or you can request crew be sent out to make correction. To send the crew back out to make corrections call job coordinator to schedule. If these are repeat offenses or major concerns you will need to call office and speak to Kandis to with hold funds until corrections are made and verified.
  6. You should make an effort to study application methods for all types of roofing and gain certifications. This is especially important when a new product is being inspected by you that you are not familiar with or may be new to the installation crew. Almost without fail, most roofing issues are directly related to improper workmanship because the folks installing or the folks overseeing do not have the knowledge to do it correctly. We want to educate ourselves to do it correctly so we present a properly installed product and lower our liabilities.
  7. Safety is of utmost importance! Everyone will adhere to strict safety compliance. In addition, subcontractors have agreed to follow OSHA standards in their sub agreements and will be held fully liable should an offense be punishable by law. Each crew leader/foreman has been given a job manual and in the event of emergency or safety concern, the manual addresses how to handle these situations. All roofers shall use fall arrest protection and hard hats. Additionally, sheet metal workers/roofers will use eye protection and gloves. You have the authority to shut down jobs if unsafe conditions exist or temporarily suspend until corrections are made.
  8. Attend monthly meetings with Operations Mgr and crews to address issues and/or concerns. This can also be a time to create new solutions, ideas, or commend those that do good work. Your input is needed and the use of photos and/or PowerPointpresentations improve quality and make the crews take ownership of their work.


  1. Vacation; eligible for 1 week at 1 year anniversary of job employment and 2 weeks at each year thereafter.
  2. Holidays include New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas.
  3. Company cell phone
  4. 5 sick days per calendar year- sick days will not accrue and a doctor’s note is required before any days are paid.
  5. Company hunting and fishing trips as invited and available.** Additional benefits such as medical may become available depending on costs and/or sales.


Starting pay $41,600 yearly (800.00 weekly). Top pay for this position is $62,400 yearly ($1200.00 weekly). This is a salaried position based on 40(+) hours. No overtime will be paid.

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