Commercial Roofing Estimator

Full Time Navasota, Texas Schulte Roofing

Job Description

Schulte Roofing®, a top 100 roofing company in the United States is undergoing rapid expansion and looking to for an experienced commercial roofing estimator to fill new roles in a rapidly expanding commercial roofing division. The qualified candidate will have direct experience estimating, bidding, and managing commercial roofing projects with multiple teams.

Schulte Roofing is seeking an extremely experienced and highly qualified commercial roofing project manager and/or estimator with at least 3 years of commercial roofing experience as a project manager or estimator. Commercial roofing project managers and estimators work with our existing commercial construction companies, property owners, and management companies to help respond and service an ever-increasing work load and bid demand. Commercial roofing project managers and estimators are considered key positions to establishing and maintaining positive relationships with our partners, subs, and vendors.

For qualified candidates, the Commercial Roofing Manager and Commercial Roofing Estimator roles have a high earning potential, high level of autonomy, and steady stream of qualified commercial roofing leads and bidding opportunities.

Job Summary

Typically, work will consist of, but not limited to, estimating materials and labor for large commercial roof projects, both new roofs and reroofs with the intention of acquiring new roofing projects. A knowledgeable understanding of plans and specifications is required. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in architecture/construction science is preferred.

The ideal candidate will possess the ability to perform takeoffs and manipulate pdf’s with related software. Additionally, the ability to work with others in an office environment and communicate effectively is a must. Continuing education in all aspects of roofing application and products is mandatory. Lastly, the ideal candidatewill be able to demonstrate an ability to make effective and pragmatic decisions that guide and manage the project from beginning to end. The required estimating ability and management skillsets must be performed in a manner that gives the customer peace of mind, maintains budget guidelines, and completes projects on time.

Responsibilities / Requirements

Included but are not limited to:

  1. The ability to read/understand construction plans and specifications for the purpose of quoting and acquiring commercial roof projects.
  2. Help manage, if needed, any job sold. Occasionally it is necessary to visit job sites during production.
  3. Maintain continual knowledge of industry standards, changes, terminology, proper installation procedures, products, etc. Along with mandatory weekly meetings, Schulte Roofing, at times, will also schedule mandatory continuing education events outside the office.
  4. Properly prepare all shop drawings, submittals, and close-out documents required for newly acquired jobs. Process is to be completed in a timely fashion; typically, 48hrs or 2 business days after contract is signed.
  5. Take all job and bid opportunities given you by the company and pursue with 100% effort.
  6. Create and pursue leads during all times of the year as well as self-generate leads.
  7. Update status on opportunities at a minimum of twice weekly.
  8. Address all support cases within 24hrs and provide status updates to office manager, production manager, or owner.
  9. Respond to all company emails in a timely fashion (24 hrs or less).
  10. Must be honest, trustworthy and able to work for long periods unsupervised; self-motivated.
  11. Represent Schulte Roofing Inc. and the Schulte Roofing® brand in a professional manner at all times, in actions, and words.
  12. Will need reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, and social security card.


  1. Vacation; eligible for (1) week at 1-year anniversary of job employment and (2) weeks at each year thereafter.
  2. Holidays include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas.
  3. (5) sick days per calendar year. Sick days will not accrue and a doctor’s note is required before any days are paid.
  4. Company hunting and fishing trips as invited and available.
  5. Company phone.
  6. Fuel and advertising allowances available to offset cost of transportation after probationary period of (8) weeks.
  7. 80% of Healthcare Costs are paid.

** Additional benefits such as medical may become available depending on costs and/or sales.


  1. Base pay $50,000.00 yearly ($962.00 weekly) plus commission.
  2. Minimum sales requirement is $1,000,000 annually.
  3. Once minimum sales requirement is attained, and proper gross margins verified, a sales commission bonus of 1% will be paid. Bonus will increase to 2% starting at $2,000,000.
  4. Option to waive base pay and benefits and substitute straight commission.

Why Schulte Roofing

Schulte Roofing is founded on a singular roofing approach; a Commitment to Excellence. The commitment is a not only a promise to the community we serve, but also to ourselves as well.

To provide roofing installations that exceed manufacturer specifications and to provide competitive pricing for our customers while not sacrificing quality to insure our slogan “committed to excellence”. To maintain profitability to underwrite our company’s growth and stability in our marketplace for today and in the future for both the customer and our employees.

In addition to employee benefits, Schulte Roofing also invests in continual education, training, and certification programs for each employee. These education tracks help position each employee for future growth, job promotion, earning potential, and access to high profile projects.

A commercial roofing estimator will upload, take off and study construction plans and specifications with the intent of helping a project manager and the company acquiring a new roofing project. The job will require meeting solid deadlines and pricing multiple items. A commercial roofing estimator will spend most time at a desk but will occasionally visit a job to get a visualization of how what was estimated plays out in the field. The estimator will need to shop and compare not only pricing but information. It will require a thorough understanding of roofing assemblies.

Must have experience with takeoff software
Must have experience with pdf manipulation software
Must have an understanding of how the materials that are being taken off are installed
Must be self driven
Must have a general understanding of construction plans and specs
Must be a self learner
Must be a team player

  • This position has been filled